Top Ten People to Watch in 2015

10. Shannon. She just moved in two doors down. She seems cool. We should hang some time.

9. Tomas. He’s chill. Always remembers my drink at Jamba Juice. His band is playing Saturday.

8. Mr. Lee. His english isn’t great but I’d rather support his place than a chain, you know?

7. Marcus. So are he and Shannon just roommates or is that like her boyfriend or...

6 .Chris. The UPS guy. I’m pretty sure that’s his name. You’ve seen him right? The tall guy.

5. Jennifer. Did you hear she’s pregnant again! Ahhh so exciting!

4. Keith’s Dad. Keith is a homie and all, but I dunno, I think his dad is such a bad guy.

3. Viv. She just turned 80. Love you grandma!

2. Karen. I don’t know what’s up with her lately. It's like she won't even answer my texts. Whatever.

1. Shannon. Cooler than Karen anyway. She’s seen like, every episode of Bob’s Burgers.